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For SDI to HDMI conversion with selectable diagnostic and test pattern display overlays theAdvanced SDI to HDMI Converter from ikan is at home both in the studio and in the field. It supports HD and SD resolutions and features one SDI input, one SDI loop through and one HDMI output that can display the signal monitoring overlays and test patterns. This allows you to insert the advanced converter into an SDI signal path, and monitor your signals on an HDMI monitor without affecting the SDI signal. 

Using the two selection knobs allows you to employ a variety of diagnostic scopes and test patterns, you can select from four color bar patterns to be generated and displayed, including RP219 which is a SD/HD compatible color bar signal as well as four audio test tones from 1 kHz to 4 kHz. You can display timecode as well as horizontal or vertical audio level meters. The unit features an on/off switch and LED indicators for power and Video, with a 4-pin Mini XLR power connector.

The IKC-AH2S is an advanced signal converter that auto detects and converts SD and HD HDMI signals to SDI.
The unit features two rotating knobs that control the SDI output, allowing you display monitoring overlays, which include Waveform, RGB Parade, Vector Scope, Waveform/Vector Scope split, and Waveform - Vectors Scope - Parade split on the SDI output.

  • Waveform provides an objective evaluation of your video signal. It displays the brightness of your image on an IRE scale, allowing you to see if your image will clip, and where your black levels are.
  • Vectorscope displays the signal on a circular field with targets so you can check the phase of your colors. The vectorscope function allows you to verify the overall tint and hue of an image.
  • RGB parade is similar to the Waveform display, except it displays the video signal as three separate colors channels; red, blue and green. This feature lets you objectively see how much of each color you have in your image.
The converter can be used as signal generator capable of producing video test patterns and audio test tones. Select the test pattern/audio tones using the two rotating test knobs and the enter button. Test patterns include:
  • 100% Color Bars
  • 75% color Bars
  • 100% White

Audio Test tones are available from 1 to 4 kHz in 1 kHz increments.
You can select to display LTC, VITC1, VITC2, and DVITC
You can select which set of 8 Audio channels in the SDI stream to embed in the HDMI signal, eight Channels 1 to 8 or channels 9 to 16.
The Converter can de-embed two channels from the SDI stream and make that available through the analog audio output.
The 1/4"-20 threading mounting hole allows you to mount the converter to a stable platform during use, and easily unmount it when you are done using it.
The 4-pin mini XLR power connector provides a secure power connection resistant to the cable being yanked out of the device, yet is quick to disengage when it is time to pack up.