Productos IKC-S2H1

Descripción del producto

ikan's IKC-S2H1 3G-SDI to HDMI Converter is a rugged unit built into a CNC machined aluminum housing making it suitable for location or studio work. It features a two line LCD text display with information about the input signal and audio level meters. It supports SD/HD/3G-SDI in with auto format detection; it converts the input signals to HDMI video, and loops through the signal to the SDI output. The converter supports 16 channels of Audio in the SDI stream, and makes two channels of audio available via AES/EBU or analog audio. 

The video conversion process is automatic, with manual control only necessary to change the LCD display, or audio input, via DIP switches on the side of the unit. A USB 2.0 port allows you to upgrade the firmware, if that becomes necessary, and the unit powers from 6 to 24VDC, although 6 to 12VDC is preferred. The power in port features a threaded collar, allowing you to secure the power connectors to the unit, and the included mounting plates allow you to mount the unit to a wall or other surface.

LCD Display

The two line LCD display can be configured to display a variety of information about your input signal by adjusting DIP switches.

  • 1. LCD Backlight: Off / On
  • 2. LCD display: Resolution / Level Meters
  • 3. Output Format: YCbCr 4:2:2 / RGB 4:4:4
  • 4. Headphone AMP Gain: Low / High
  • 5. Audio Group: CH 1-8 / CH 9-16
  • DE-Embedded Audio Out CH Select

·         CH1/2 (9/10) 6-off / 7-off

·         CH3/4 (11/12) 6-off / 7-on

·         CH5/6 (13/14) 6-on / 7-off

·         CH7/8 (15/16) 6-on / 7-on

LED Indicators

The front of the unit features four LED indicators for :

  • Power
  • No Signal
  • Lock
  • Audio