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Featuring a foldable frame that saves time when setting up or wrapping, the ikan PT3700 17" Location/Studio Teleprompter for 15mm Support Rods is a through-the-glass teleprompter suitable for DSLRs to mid-size cameras. The teleprompter unit mounts to your tripod and allows you to mount available video cameras supporting up to 25 pounds of camera and accessories. It features a camera riser block with a captive screw channel that slides onto the 15mm support rods. The rods support the monitor, mirror glass, and camera riser unit. The monitor is a 17" TFT LCD, with horizontal image flip, HDMI, VGA, and composite video inputs. The high quality 70/30 partially silvered glass is suitable for HD video. The mirror glass fits into a foldable support frame that speeds up set up and breakdown as the glass can safely travel int the teleprompter unit.

17" LCD Monitor with L/R Image Flip

For DSLRs to Mid-Size Cameras

High Quality 70/30 Mirror Glass

Foldable Frame for Mirror Glass

5 & 7.8" Replaceable Riser Rods

Magnetically Attached Hood

PrompterPro 2.0 & 3.0 Software

Windows & Mac Compatible

Ships in Reusable Custom Cut Foam