Productos MCP1000

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Sound control

Audio functionality is built in at source and gives you

instant sound control over all your audio needs.

Stream multilingual audio or 5.1 signals, add audio

shuffling and gain and delay for all 16 channels, set

your audio transitions. Add a voice-over channel on

one or all of the 16 available audio channels. Choose

between embedded, analogue or digital voice-over

sources. The choice is yours.

Route your control

Enjoy the power and flexibility of taking control of

your SynCross modular video router. Future-proof

your broadcast operation and scale up to 40 inputs at

any one time to suit your changing needs.

Advanced control

SynMC has many advantages compared to the many

compact Master Control systems already available on

the broadcast market. Why is SynMC the best choice?

Because it’s affordable, flexible, modular, expandable

and fits in Synapse frames