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The DVB-S MODULATOR is a compact, top-performance, totally ETSI EN 300 421 compliant  QPSK IF modulator offered by Elettronika for the extremely demanding Digital Television market.

It provides great flexibility together with an extreme simplicity of operation and offers a highly stable digital modulation core capable of adapting the RF bandwidth allocation to the input Transport Stream rate.

It perfectly matches the European Standard ETSI EN 300 421 which describes the framing structure, the channel coding and the modulation scheme for digital satellite services, and provides an optimal and cost effective solution to build high data rate digital terrestrial microwave links and digital satellite uplinks for TV distribution networks.

The DVB-S MODULATOR is manufactured in a single 1U case containing a flexible DVB-ASI receiving interface, an FPGA-based digital processing engine for the framing, coding and modulation operations and an IF analogue output interface capable of driving up conversion systems for terrestrial and satellite transmission applications.

The exceptionally accurate digital processing stage, together with the flexible real time digital TS input interface allow the DVB-S modulator to achieve excellent performances with optimal RF bandwidth utilisation.

The DVB-S MODULATOR parameters are completely configurable by the user and are locally stored in a flash memory to allow automatic configuration recall after a power failure.

A special “SFN Transport” feature is available to allow perfectly trasparent distribution of Transport Streams to DVB-T transmitters operating in Single Frequency Networks (this feature requires the Elettronika DVB-S RECEIVER in the “SFN Transport” version at the receiving site).

The DVB-S MODULATOR is the perfect solution for any state of the art audio video applications, including digital TV, high quality video surveillance, videoconference, remote education, news gathering,etc.

Main Characteristics

  • 1U Rack
  • DVB-ASI Input
  • SPTS and MPTS Input Formats
  • ISO/IEC 13818-1 compliant Input
  • ETSI EN 300 421 compliant Output
  • Input Bit Rate auto-adaptation
  • Up to 30MSamples/s Throughput Rate
  • Complete Remote Control
  • Perfect for any Terrestrial and Satellite Distribution applications


  • Digital Microwave Links for digital audio/video/data Distribution Networks
  • Digital Satellite Uplinks for TV Broadcasting and Content Distribution
  • DVB-T Studio-to-Transmitter Links
  • TS Transport in DVB-T SFN networks
  • Direct Satellite Broadcasting
  • High-quality Video Surveillance
  • Digital News Gathering
  • Remote Education

Features and Options

  • Up to 30MSamples/s Output Symbol-Rate
  • Excellent BER performances over Digital Terrestrial Microwave Links
  • 70MHz IF Output
  • Automatic PCR Restamping on Input Transport Stream
  • Available in “SFN Transport” version (operating in conjunction with the  Elettronika DVB-S RECEIVER)

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