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TV Microwave Links

The Elettronika TV Microwave Link is a system composed by MWT-AV Transmitter and MWR-AV Receiver. It is developed for point-to-point fixed radio link of high quality TV signals. It operates in the microwave band with FM carrier and broadcasting capability of one Video signal and up to four Audio signals (only one without '3 Additional Audio' option). The transmission band can be chosen among 2GHz, 3.5GHz, 7.5GHz, 8.5GHz, 10GHz and 14GHz. Other bands are available on request with a maximum bandwidth of 400MHz.

The System respects the CCIR rules, imposing an Intermediate Frequency of 70MHz. The MWT-AV Transmitter is an Indoor unit that contains Modulator, two up-converters and RF Amplifier. The MWR-AV Transmitter is an Indoor unit that contains one down-converter to 70MHz and demodulator. Both Transmitter and Receiver units can be split into two section: the indoor unit and the aerial head.

The modular design allows great flexibility and easy access for maintenance. The cabinet is pre-set for 19" rack mounting with height of 3 units. It can operate with power supply by electrical network or 36Vdc (TX) - 24Vdc (RX) external battery.

Technical Specifications

  • AC or battery supply
  • Low power consumption
  • Available with Sealed RF Heads for outdoor use
  • 1 Video and up to 4 Audio channels
  • FM modulation
  • 2, 3.3, 7.5, 8.5, 10 and 14 GHz available bands, others on request
  • IF frequency at 70MHz
  • Modular construction 19" 3HE, plug-in modules

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- TV_Microwave_Links DataSheet.pdf