Productos MFR-3232 / 3216 / 1616R / 1616

Descripción del producto

3G/HD/SD/ASI Routing Switcher

MFR-3232 / 3216 / 1616R / 1616

Multi-format routing switchers that support 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI and ASI signals. FOR-A features four models, each with a different number of inputs and outputs. Despite their compact cabinet size, these models inherit the various functions provided by the MFR-5000 Series such as the interface function for synchronous operation by linking multiple cases, tally and automatic source name tracking connections with peripheral devices (video switchers and multi-viewers). These models are optimal routing switchers for constructing small- and medium-scale systems.

  • 4 models to choose from in accordance with the number of inputs and outputs
  • Multi-format support
  • Enables various crosspoint control aside from ordinary crosspoint switching
  • System construction with FOR-A video switchers and multi-viewers
  • External control using a browser
  • SNMP remote monitoring support
  • Integrated with various types of technologies and functions for redundancy
  • Remote control unit
  • Compatibility with RS series remote control unit