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Doteck SD4 Series 

4 SDI/ASI Digital Video fiber optic Transmission System


  • SDI/ASI signal auto recognition, not need to select by hand
  • Compliant with the standards of SMPTE259M, SMPTE297M, SMPTE310M, SMPTE305M (SDTI), SMPTE344M
  • Compliant with the standard of DVB-ASI(EN50083-9)
  • Auto adaption to the speed of SDI 143M,177M,270M,360M,540Mbps, or DVB-ASI
  • With automatic cable equalization function, compensation for cable transmission loss
  • Convenient instructions of LED status, signal detect, signal lock optical link, power etc
  • PCB boards made with environmentally friendly Pb-free
  • PCB boards made with multilayer design, to ensure stable and reliable signal transmission
  • All components, including connectors, are ordered from public-known manufacturers in the world, high stability and reliability ensurance
  • Enclosure box material is made of aluminum, elegant appearance, light weight
  • Dual switching power supply design, wide voltage range, reliable long-term running


  • Doteck SD4 series digital video fiber optic transmission system can transmit 4 SD-SDI (143M/177M/270M/360M/540Mbps) standard definition digital video over one single mode fiber or multimode fiber with the standards of SMPTE259M, SMPTE297M, SMPTE310M, SMPTE305M (SDTI), or transmit 4 digital video signal with the standard of DVB-ASI stream.
  • Due to the advanced digital fiber optic transmission technology, you need not make any adjustments, simple to set up, easy to operate.
  • Doteck SD4 series transmitter provides 4 SDI/ASI input. The receiver outputs 4-way parallel SDI/ASI digital video.
  • Doteck SD4 series transmitter equipped with auto-cable equalization circuit, and cable driver circuit available at receiver.
  • Doteck SD4 series, both at the transmitter and receiver, signal jitter elimination circuit available, to ensure high quality signal transmission over long distance fiber cable.