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The Elettronika TV Microwave Link is a system composed by Transmitter and Receiver. It is developed for point-to-point fixed radio link of high quality TV signals. 
It operates with FM carrier and broadcasting capability of one Video signal and up to four Audio signals (only two without `2 Additional Audio` option).
The System respects the CCIR rules, imposing an Intermediate Frequency of 70MHz. 
The Transmitter is an Indoor unit that contains Modulator. The Receiver is an Indoor unit that contains the demodulator and the AGC system.
Thanks to the use of standard IF frequency, these units can be used together with every model of microwave up-converter. 
When Elettronika equipment is used an internal modem allow to control the external unit by the internal ones.

The modular design allows great flexibility and easy access for maintenance. The cabinet is pre-set for 19” rack mounting with height of 1 unit.
It can operate with power supply by electrical network or 24Vdc (TX and RX) external battery.
Elettronika equipment are severely tested with highly accurate and professional laboratory testing instrumentation and are guaranteed by the ISO-9001 Quality Certification which ensures a perfectly managed production phase. 
Elettronika equipment are currently used by valuable world-wide customers, which is the best certification for in-field performance over different operating environments.

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