Descripción del producto

The TV Transmitters belonging to the CAV series have both a compact size and a pleasant and functional look. How does the Cav reach this goal?

The mother board is completely built in SMD technology and mounted by automatic machine to obtain high level of reliability.

The filter and amplification stage has been made compact, while keeping a good ventilation to limit working temperature, by mounting it all on a single heat sink with a bent steel conveyor.

All connectors and controls placed on the front panel are directly connected to the mother board.

The connections between the mother board and the control board are made through a single 20-pin connector.

All wiring between the mother board and the other sections of the CAV is made with detachable connectors (see clamps for power supply and control of the final stage) to make repair easier.

The output connector of the transmitter, the air inlet of the cooling system of the final stage, the power supply box including the main switch and fuses, the telemeasuring connector and the external reference input, if any, have been placed on the back of the CAV.

The user interface has been kept simple and intuitive with the use of an alphanumeric display and only two push-buttons. All the functions have been remoted by the RS232 rear panel connector.