Descripción del producto

MAIA is the outstanding, latest-generation Elettronika multi-standard platform for the transmission of a Digital TV or Digital Radio signal up to a power of 100W RMS in a compact and nice looking equipment.
The MAIA platform is available in the 100W, 50W, 25W and 5W RMS versions in a compact 2U case or in a solid 3U case when the equipment is requested with the integrated UHF or VHF band-pass output filter.
MAIA is conceived to support DVB-T/H, ATSC, DAB/T-DMB, ISDB-T/Tb, DTMB, CMMB and the recently launched DVB-T2 including the top class, user friendly Linear and Non-Linear Digital Precorrection functionality. 
In the dynaMAIA version a high-end Digital Adaptive Predistortion (DAP) engine allows any Digital Transmitter to be operated at its maximum possible power level and, at the same time, widely exceeding the minimum requirements of the official recommendations. 
With DAP, the transmitter output is constantly monitored and adjusted to guarantee the maximum coverage in any operating condition.
An optional embedded GPS receiver allows perfect SFN operation for the standards supporting single frequency network modes.
The new MAIA Platform is also available in Repeater and Gap Filler (with excellent Echo Canceller for SFN operation) versions and, in all the existing configurations, is controllable by PC through direct or remote connection by means of the renowned Elettronika RCU. 
Using an optional board, a powerful and appealing Web GUI, together with a robust SNMP control support, allow easy access to the exciter`s control system by any wired or wireless network connection and a standard web browser over a PC, laptop, netbook or smartphone.
Other options are offered over the MAIA platform: a Gigabit Ethernet board for ASI over IP management, a DVB-S/S2 receiver for satellite or microwave link TS delivery and a DVB-T receiver for digital terrestrial channel data stream reception.
Elettronika equipment is severely tested with highly accurate and professional laboratory testing instrumentation and is guaranteed by the ISO 9001 Quality Certification which ensures a perfectly managed production phase. 
Elettronika equipment for Digital TV broadcasting is currently used by valuable worldwide customers, which is the best certification for in-field performance over different operating environments

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