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The dynaMAIA multi-standard digital exciter is the latest Elettronika high-end solution for the worldwide standards of Digital TV broadcasting up to a power of 100W.
It is also available in the 50W, 25W and 5W versions and can be used as a stand-alone transmitter or as a driver for higher power amplification stages.
The dynaMAIA exciter implements the very latest generation of Dynamic Adaptive Pre-correction (DAP) algorithm. It has been especially designed to run Digital Transmitters closer to their saturation region, by a real-time auto-compensation of the power amplifiers inherent nonlinearities as well as by dynamically counterbalancing the often ignored “memory effects” of the amplifier circuitry. 

The exciter is available in the basic 3RU version or in the “stand-alone” 4RU version, in which it includes the UHF or VHF output band-pass filter.
It allows broadcasting with the DVB-T/H, DAB, ATSC, ISDB-T, DTMB and CMMB standards and includes the unsurpassed adaptive linear and non-linear digital precorrection engine, easily manageable by the user thanks to an extreme user friendly interface.

The exciter is perfect for SFN applications (where applicable) and can be equipped (by 4 option slots located on the rear panel) with a large variety of options, depending on specific network architectures: GbE streaming input with FEC decoding, DVB-S or DVB-S2 tuner, DVB-T 
tuner, GPS receiver, SNMP & web server management. The DVB-T2 version is currently under development and will be shortly released for production.
A plug-in MPEG-2 Encoder option card (2-slot wide) is also available for single-channel broadcasting operation in DVB-T, ISDB-T, DTMB and CMMB standards.
A simpler 2U version for 5W output power, without option slots, is available for cost-effective implementation of DAP-based transmitters with all the supported standards.

Also dynaMAIA, as every Elettronika equipment, can be totally and efficiently controlled by remote (PSTN/GSM/ETHERNET) by means of the renowned Elettronika Remote Control System (RCS).
The dynaMAIA is definitely the perfect solution for minimizing the maintenance level, since it automatically adapts to variable operating conditions (temperature, age, etc.) of the transmitter, without requiring any direct intervention by the technicians. It is also a totally software-upgradeable platform with a ultra-high-performance modulation core. 
Three non-linear DAP modes are available on dynaMAIA: Single (one-shot upon user request), Auto (automatically starts upon user-definable shoulders threshold detection) and Continuous (always active during the transmitter operation) in order to best fit the customer needs.   

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