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The analogue Radio broadcasting systems in the FM High Power Complete Systems family are designed to simplify transport and installation and to ensure maximum operating reliability for directly broadcasting through standard antenna systems.
The optimal power amplifiers operating temperature is guaranteed by a highly reliable low-noise forced-air cooling system and the finest audio performance values are obtainable thanks to an accurate and extremely stable exciter model, thus producing great overall performance with competitive prices.
The use of latest-generation LDMOS 50V Power Devices allows maximum power efficiency, thus guaranteeing optimal signal coverage with the minimum possible operating costs.
A multi-processor control system for 
each station monitors and controls the RF devices currents and the power supply voltages, together with the real-time monitoring of RF powers and of the heat-sinks operating temperature.
A multifunction display & keyboard user interface allows to verify all the operating parameters of each unit with immediate access to eventual warning or alarm conditions.
All the equipment in the FM High Power Complete Systems family are completely controllable by remote sites by a single access point using the Elettronika RCU or by means of the optional SNMP/Web interfaces.
Basic redundant operation is easily obtainable by means of a smart Automatic Transmitter Switch for a simple 1+1 configuration and a more complex N+1 redundant architecture can be implemented by the renowned Elettronika “N+1 System”. 

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