Productos C2 HDMI to HD/SDI

Descripción del producto

Doteck C2 Series  HDMI to 3G/HD/SDI Digital Video Converter

Doteck C2 series HDMI to 3G/HD/SDI converter can convert HDMI or DVI-D HD multimedia signal to 3G-SDI, or HD-SDI, or SDI digital video signal.

Doteck C2 series HDMI to 3G/HD/SDI converter has high supreme signal precisionhigh supreme stability, high supreme reliabilitywhich is a ideal HD video converter for TV station, CMMB,IPTV, mobile TV, mobile phone TV, telecommunication operatorsgovernment video conference system and other new media field.


  • 3G-SDI/HD-SDI/SDI signal auto recognition, need not select by hand, HDMI or DVI-D inputput automatically also
  • Compliant with the standards of HDMI1.3, DVI1.0, SMPTE424M, SMPTE292M, SMPTE259M, SMPTE297M, SMPTE305M, SMPTE310M
  • Auto adaption to the speed of 3G-SDI/HD-SDI/SDI 143M,177M,270M,360M,540M,1483.5M,1485M,2970Mbps
  • Resolution up to 1080p@60Hz, 12-bit color
  • When signal output, with driver function
  • When signal output, with re-clocking function
  • Perfect LED indicators design, very convenient to monitor device work well or not
  • PCB boards made with environment friendly Pb-free
  • PCB boards made with multilayer design, to ensure stable and reliable signal conversion
  • All components, including connectors, are ordered from  public-known manufacturers in the world, high stability and reliability ensurance
  • Enclosure box material is made of aluminum, elegant appearance, light weight
  • Switching power supply design, wide voltage range,  reliable long-term running
  • Mini box design, small and exquisite, convenient to setup and operate


  • HD Video at TV Stations
  • Telecommunication Operators
  • Government Video Conference
  • New Media Field