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Audio Recorder

Industry standard in sound quality and long recording times

The AR-200R Audio Recorder are half rack space digital audio recorder/players designed for any application requiring high fidelity pre-recorded announcements and control using GPI contact closures.


No Moving Parts

The AR series is world renowned for its reliability. Audio is stored and played back from Compact Flash or other solid state memory, providing much more reliable performance than cassettes, CDs, DVDs, HDDs and other mechanical recording devices. Since audio or MIDI data is recorded directly to and played back from the memory card. the mechanical wear and tear and failure over time associated with rotating or winding media is completely eliminated.

24bit, 48kHz Linear Recording

The AR series’ 24-bit, 48KHz audio sets the standard in audio quality for fixed installation applications. The AR series represents the industry standard in high quality audio with up to 48 kHz, 24 bit linear recording andplayback. Users can select from a range of sample rates and recording times including the latest Roland Digital Audio Coding (RDAC) technology, which uses less memory with virtually no loss of sound quality and offers over 140 hours of recording time.

The Industry Standard for extreme reliability

The AR series has set the industry standard for reliability for over 10 years.

The AR-200R/S use solid state media for recording and playback eliminating failures due to mechanical movements found in CD and DVD players and guaranteeing no long term sound degradation.

High quality audio with long recording times

The AR-200R/S support 16 bit/ 48kHz/linear recording as well as RDAC (Roland Digital Audio Coding) technology that offers very long recording times with virtually no loss of sound quality. Over 70 hours of audio can be recorded to the optional memory card.

Easily integrate messages with external audio

External audio sources like FM broadcasts or CD playback can be connected to inputs on the AR’s rear panel. The external audio will then be ducked to a user selectable level when a message is played by the AR.

Installable anywhere

The AR-200R/S can be powered by AC or 9-24V DC. The compact size, rugged design, and power supply flexibility enables the installation of the AR-200R/S in just about any application environment.

Multi-Channel Playback

Using one AR-3000R as the master, multiple AR-200R units can be locked together for sample-accurate playback of up to 64 tracks. The system can also be synchronized to external show control using MTC or MMC.

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- AR-200R Manual.pdf