Productos CCP-4800

Descripción del producto

The panel provides a hardware panel control surface for a Cortex control system. The panel is configured in the same way as the software panels in the Cortex system using the Cortex Form Designer application. All devices connected to the Cortex server can be controlled or viewed from this physical surface. Due to the flexibility the panel can be configured to work with a number of ‘pages’ which can be linked together to form a logical, quick and user friendly interface.

The unit is powered with AC. The rear of the unit has two IEC power inlets allowing for a redundant power supply in critical applications. The unit has an earth or grounding stud by the side of the AC inlets.

The unit uses its inbuilt 100Base-T Ethernet connector to connect to the Cortex server over either a local or wide area network. The unit can be configured to use either DHCP or manually assigned IP addresses. As with other Axon devices when used in manual IP assignment mode the address, sub-net mask and gateway can be assigned using the configuration mode of the panel.

48 illuminated tactile buttons

Keycaps with replaceable inserts

Redundant power supply possible

8 GPI inputs (future use)

Fully programmable through Cortex

Brochure del producto

- CCP4800.pdf