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The mirage of perfect sound has eluded radio since its first days. But now the fantasy has been made real and given radio mastery over the sound it creates - at a cost it can afford.

MIRAGE FM is the result of this dream come true - the embodiment of a broadcaster's desires.

The differentiated audio levels are regulated and merged with extreme care.

The sound heard by the listener is perfect, unique , fully calibrated and constantly under control.


Brilliant and full sound, maximum and constant modulation. Mirage captures and boosts audience figures.

AEV's Multiband Audio Processor will increase listening figures. Radio captures audience with quality and maintains it with an attractive sound.

The fruit of AEV's technical knowhow, Mirage FM's form and function are the result of rigorous attention to the essentials. Rugged and compact, it has been designed to embody both excellence and affordability.


In FM transmission, the signal fed to the transmitter must not, under any circumstances, exceed a deviation of 75 KHz. High level peaks, normally of short duration, do not carry sound energy and produce over-modulation. To limit these peaks, single band limiters act over the entire audio spectrum and generally attenuate the sound. Mirage FM divides the signal into 3 frequency bands and controls them separately, acting only on the band in which the peaks are present. This is performed without compromising sound density and maintaining a full and constant modulation.


The adjustable functions of Mirage FM allow the audio signal to be processed and immediately adapted to the requirements of the broadcaster. In this manner Mirage FM can produce deep, powerful bass, brilliant mid-range and clean, sharp treble. The speaker's voice will be exalted and the intelligibility of phone-ins will be greatly improved.

The sound of your radio station will become warm and embracing or aggressive and exciting, precisely as you want it to sound - with full modulation, constantly monitored and distortion-free.


The digital stereo encoder fitted to the Mirage FM MPX as standard, demonstrates just how advanced an audio processing system can be. Beyond guaranteeing superb stereo separation between channels, it ensures maximum levels of modulation and total control of spurious peaks generated by the low-pass filter and pre-emphasis networks present in external coders.