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Broadcast PIX 500 Panel

Pro Power in a Compact Space

The Broadcast Pix 500 control panel packs a full set of professional controls into a highly compact package that fits in a rack drawer, and it’s easy on your budget.

Panel Controls

Switcher has 9 source buttons (18 with shift) to select video and file-based sources.  See the content of each on corresponding windows on the Fluent-View.

Buttons to select 3 or 6 key laters.  See the content of each key layer on corresponding key windows on the Fluent-View.

Patented device controls to control clips, titles, graphics, Fluent macros, cameras, streamer and more.  Includes PixPad, 4 knobs, 2D joystick (3D optional), motion controls and display.  See the PixPad's content on corresponding thumbnails on the Fluent-View. 

Assign sources to keys and auxiliary outputs.

The switcher's next transition controls include fader arm, up to 6 keyers, and fade to black.







     Panel Dimensions     

     Panel Power      

     Panel Weight      


     15.2 x 9.3 x 4 in /
     39 x 24 x 10 cm

    (1) 60 watt power supply (redundant one optional)   

     5 lbs / 2 kg


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