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Broadcast PIX 1000 Panel

 PixButton Power

The Broadcast Pix 1000 is a spacious control panel that features our patented PixButtons – 
for switching video and file-based sources with maximum confidence.

Each PixButton has a built-in display which shows the device icon and the file name of a clip or graphic. They dynamically change during production, so you always know what is on every source and key layer. A bank of PixButtons on the panel’s versatile PixPad makes it easier to select content libraries, camera presets, and more.

Panel Controls

Switcher controls have 9 PixButtons to see the first 9 sources, both video and file-based, shift to see 9 more.

Patented device controls to access any clip, animation or graphic in the internal devices, plus Fluent macros, external robotic cameras, streamers, recorders and more.  Device control bank includes PixPad of 12 PixButtons, knobs, 3-axis joystick, motions control and display.

Control 3 key layers, shift for 3 more. 

Delegation for key layers or auxiliary outputs.






     Panel Dimensions     

      Panel Power      

     Panel Weight      


     18.5 x 12.5 x 5.5 in /
     47 x 32 x 14 cm

       45 Watts

      7 lbs / 3 kg


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