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Broadcast PIX 5000 Panel

2 M/E Power

Broadcast Pix 5000 panel features a 2 separate M/E control banks, each with sources, next transition controls with fader arm and key controls. 
The 5000 also has two patented device control banks for quick access to more devices.

Panel Controls

2 M/E Banks with 16 button rows
Broadcast Pix provides the only 2 M/E (Mix/Effect) systems that access both video and file-based content. 2 M/E's allows you to set-up powerful looks on the off-air M/E, or combine M/Es by re-entering in a keyer, or use each M/E to control a separate output such as two screens. Each M/E has controls for program and preview rows, and a next transition section with fader arm, transition controls, wipe generator, fade-to-black and 6 keyers. Key layer priority is shown in the blue display, and can easily be changed at the press of a button. The keys can be part of the transition, or taken directly on and off air.

2 Device Control Banks
There are two patented device control banks. Either can control the built-in clip store, animation store, CG title store or graphics store, a keyer, aux bus, or countdown timer, as well as external robotic cameras, servers, streamers and recorders. Each device control bank has a PixPad of 12 PixButtons plus 4 knobs, motion controls and a display.

Fluent Macro Bank
The Fluent Macro controls enable one-push access to 16 Fluent Macros, each of which is described with words or a picture on a PixButton (shift for 32). There is also a dedicated macro display and a play button. Enjoy the only switcher macro system that recalls any specific file. 

Delegation Controls
The 5000 has 6 keyers and 12 auxiliary busses, each of which can be easily assigned in the delegation section.







     Panel Dimensions     

      Panel Power      

     Panel Weight      


     32.5 x 16.5 x 8 in /
     83 x 42 x 20 cm

        150 Watts

    24 lbs / 10.9 kg


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