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Broadcast PIX 6000 Panel

Maximum 2 M/E Power

Broadcast Pix Granite 6000 panel is the largest integrated production system. 
It features a wide 2 M/E switcher panel with 24 source buttons across, to quickly harness the maximum power of a Granite X System.

Panel Controls

24 Buttons per Row
The 6000 panel features 24 buttons in each source row, so you have instant access to more sources with one push. They are grouped into 3 banks of 8.

2 Mix/Effect Systems
Broadcast Pix provides the only 2 M/E (Mix/Effect) systems that access both video and file-based content. 2 M/E’s allows you to set up a powerful look on an M/E wholly separate from the one on which you do your main switching. Or, combine M/Es by putting one into a PiP box on the other. Drive a dual-screen production with full control of each, and add more screens with auxiliary outputs. Or, produce shows tailored to two audiences, such as one for broadcast and the other for the Internet.

Dual Device Control 
One of the most unique features of a Broadcast Pix system is device controls, and the 6000 panel has 2 banks. Each bank has a PixPad of PixButtons showing file names. For example, use one bank to control the built-in clip store and the other for the built-in graphics system. 

Dedicated Fluent Macro Bank
Create engaging effects on the only switcher macro system that recalls files. The 6000 has a dedicated macro bank of 24 PixButtons, 48 with shift, plus a dedicated macro display and a play button. 







     Panel Dimensions     

      Panel Power      

     Panel Weight      


     39.4 x 16.5 x 5.5 in /
     100 x 42 x 14 cm

        150 Watts

    29 lbs / 13.2 kg


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