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iKan ID1000-v2
The ID1000-v2 is a portable and cost effective lighting solution which is at home in the field or in the studio. The 1000 LED bulbs create energy-efficient light with a watts equivalency of 750w while only pulling 75w from the outlet. If you need a bright, portable light that won't roast your talent, the ID1000-v2 is the light you need. The LCD touch screen panel on the rear makes it simple to dim  the lights in increments from 0-100%. No more guessing with old school analog rotary knobs.



·         Solid metal construction

·         LCD Touch Screen for Dimming Capabilities

·         Pre-mounted Barn Doors with Removable Intensifiers

·         Includes AC Power Supply

·         Wireless Remote Control

·         Optional AB or V Mount Battery Plates are Available

Color Temperature

·         5600K°(±100°K)


·         3' / 3200 lux / 5600K°(±100°K)



AC Power Supply With 4-Pin XLR
Wireless Remote Control


Operating Volts: 12 - 14.4v

Dimensions: 13.75 x 2.2 x 13.75"

Weight : 8.8 lbs

Brightness: 3' / 3200 lux / 5600K°(±100°K)

Color Temperature: 5600K°(±100°K)

Shipping Weight: 10 lbs

Operating Wattage at 120V/60Hz: 75 watts


Manual del producto

- ID1000-v2pdf.pdf