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Light As A Feather

The ikan IFD 1024 gives you all the same great features that have made our ID series so popular, minus all the weight. The IFD 1024 is built with brighter, longer lasting LED bulbs to light your production. It includes integrated wireless control with on/off and dimming functions, a touch panel with knobs to control the precise amount of brightness, and integrated barn doors with gel clips. Included with the light is a 12v DC power supply and a diffuser, making the IFD 1024 a great light.


Model: IFD1024


·         Ultra-Light, Compact, & Easy Set-Up Daylight LED Light

·         LCD Touch-Screen Controller and Dimmer Knob

·         Includes Pro Battery Plate for Sony V-mount or Anton Bauer

·         Includes Yoke Mount, Barn Doors with Intensifiers, and Diffuser

Color Temperature

·         5600K (± 100K)


·         3' / 10543 lux (± 100K) / 5600K (±100K)



AB-Mount Or V-Mount Pro Battery Plate
Remote Control for ikan Lights (ID500-RC)
IFD1024 Light
Power Supply


Dimensions: 17 x 14 x 3.75"

Weight : 7 lbs

Wattage: 82 Watts

Brightness: 3' / 10543 lux (± 100K) / 5600K (±100K)

Color Temperature: 5600K (± 100K)

Shipping Weight: 10 lbs (4.53 kg)

Dimensions (Metric): 43.18 x 35.56 x 9.53 cm

Operating Wattage at 120V/60Hz: 82 watts

Foot Candles : 979.8

Weight (Metric): 3.17 kg


Manual del producto

- IFD1024pdf.pdf