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iKan IDMX1000-v2

The ikan IDMX1000-v2 gives you all the same great features that have made our ID1000 so popular, plus full DMX capabilities! With features such as touchscreen LCD on-board dimming from 0-100% in 1 step increments, integrated barn doors with intensifiers, 12v DC power supply and yoke mount, the IDMX1000 


Model: IDMX1000-v2


·         Solid metal construction

·         DMX 512 Compatible

·         Touchscreen LCD On-Board Dimming Capability

·         Pre-mounted Barn Doors with Removable Intensifiers

·         Yoke Mount Included

·         Multi-Voltage 12V DC Power Supply Included

Color Temperature

·         5600 K


·         3ft / 3200 lux / 5600 K