Productos IDMX-500

Descripción del producto

The ikan IDMX500 LED Studio Light has a compact form factor that makes it ideal for small studios or studios with low ceilings. The slim 5.8 lb fixture outputs an impressive 2,550 lux at 3.0' offering the equivalent of 300W of tungsten power while drawing only 36W. The difference between this light and its predecessor, the ID500 is an LCD touch screen instead of old school knobs and DMX control.

The easy to read screen provides dimming control from 0-100% in 100 steps as well as the DMX channel in use - a real convenience for units mounted overhead or in other hard to reach places. The IDMX500 comes with a yoke mount, built-in barndoors with intensifiers, a convenient integrated handle, DMX cable, and a multi-voltage power supply.

LED Source

The LEDs in each panel have the tungsten equivalent of 300W while drawing only 36W. The lamps last many thousands of hours making them virtually maintenance-free

DMX Control

Allows central, remote control of the IDMX500 or a fleet of them wherever they are in the studio

LCD Touch Screen

The LCD touch screen panel on the rear makes it simple to dim the lights in increments from 0-100%. No more guessing with old school analog rotary knobs

Integrated Barndoors

Integrated barn doors with intensifiers direct the light where you want it


Multi-voltage power supply allows world-wide use