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DataVideo NVW-150

Camera-top high power WiFi bridging unit


  • Connect any network (IP) enabled devices over a high throughput long range WiFi link
  • Completely transparent, devices connected to either end of the WiFi link will behave exactly as they would if they were connected directly with an Ethernet cable
  • Multiple units can be used together (Point to Multipoint)
  • Supports transmission distances greater than 250m with standard antennae / 10KM with external antennae
  • Automatically avoids interferance
  • Can be powered from any DC source (5-20V), 9-24V Passive POE supported
  • No radio licences required
  • Ideal for use with Datavideo NVS-20 H264 encoder and NVD-20 decoder


Manual del producto

- Datavideo_NVW-150_NVW-250.pdf