Productos DN-200

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DataVideo DN-200

SD Digital Video Recorder


  • Small size, easy to carry, high capacity hard drive recorder
  • Built-in 320GB hard drive
  • Input connections:
    Composite video and stereo audio (PAL or NTSC)
    IEEE1394 digital video signal, supports DV,HDV, DVC Pro 25
    Time code Input
  • Output connections:
    Composite video (SD Only) and stereo audio
    Digital format include both DV & HDV
  • File format supported:
    DV: .avi, .mov, . mxf OP1A
    HDV: .m2t native and through supplied quick software utility also QuickTime HDV
    Time-lapse recording down to single frame
  • Manually triggered single frame recording, useful in stop motion animation
  • Eight seconds pre-record buffer recording, useful in recording unexpected events specially in science research, outdoor recording or security applications
  • Easy to use play last clip
  • RS-232 and GPI Control interface
  • 10 to 18V DC Operation
  • Support NTFS formatting eliminate 2GB file size