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Descripción del producto

Cakewalk V-STUDIO 100 is the portable music production studio that lets you create, record, produce, and perform music with or without a computer. It elegantly combines the most essential tools needed by today’s modern music producers and performing musicians in a compact and affordable package. Take control of your music production using the V-STUDIO 100 as a high-quality audio and MIDI interface and DAW controller. Connect to a Mac or Windows and use your favorite software such as SONAR, Logic, Live, Cubase, or the included SONAR VS digital audio workstation (Windows Only). You can also record directly to V-STUDIO 100`s SD-card wherever or whenever inspiration strikes–without the need to boot up your computer. Take the V-STUDIO 100 to your live gigs and use its digital mixer, reverb, compression, and EQ to mix vocals and other instruments.

·        - High Speed USB 2.0 Audio Interface

·        - Universal DAW Controller

·        - Personal Digital Mixer

·        - SD WAV Recorder

·        - VS Production Pack suite of virtual instruments and effects (Mac/Win)

·        - SONAR VS digital audio workstation (Win)